I believe that postpartum depressiveness and postpartum anxiety are your body’s way of calling you to heal.

Hi, I’m Lizzie.

I gave birth to three kids in four years.

My body went through a lot.

With my first baby, I was sent from my OB checkup straight to the hospital for an emergency induction. Later that night I hemorrhaged a quarter of my body’s blood supply. All the nurses were in my room for an emergency D&C with no anesthesia…

I was so grateful and smitten with being a new mom that I downplayed how scary that had been. I didn’t know how to process all that trauma, or that my body even needed to.

I have since learned that the body stores emotion from traumatic experiences.

Fast forward to postpartum in the hospital after baby #2, I asked to be on oxygen. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was experiencing my first panic attack. I was feeling postpartum anxiety.

When I got home I continued to have scary images in my mind and anxiety/panic in my body constantly.

I have since learned that that was my imagination–anxiety begins in the imagination.

In my efforts to feel normal again I tried yoga, reiki, herbal supplements. I tried antidepressants, and they worked well enough after baby #2.

With baby #3, postpartum anxiety and depressiveness came to a peak. Things were getting urgent, and no amount of antidepressants seemed to help.

Now I realize that my anxiety and depression was my body screaming for my attention.

You cannot outrun your own healing. You cannot live in survival mode forever, not even for the sake of motherhood.

If you are experiencing anxiety and depressiveness postpartum, if you’re irritable, panicky, rage-y, angry, stiff, inflexible emotionally and/or physically, your body wants to heal.

I know the language of the body and I can teach you to know it too, using my three step process. When you do,

Anxiety will calm.

Depression will release.

And you will be renewed in energy, no more depression and anxiety.

This is the work I do with my clients, and I invite you to heal with me.