Feel normal again in three steps

feel normal again
in three steps

Three Steps to Healing from Postpartum Anxiety and Depression:


Calm your Body

Presence. You’ll learn that the language of the body is sensation. You’ll be able to slow down and feel more intuitively. This will help you be wise as a mom, slower to anger and more intuitive with what your kids are needing or feeling. You’ll also be that way with yourself.

Emotions Released. You will learn that your body knows exactly what to do to heal, and you will trust it. You’ll become more receptive to your body’s feedback at all times, and your body will release stored emotions. With my guidance, you will learn to facilitate this and have more energy, happiness. Anxiety and depression will decrease.


Calm your Mind

Holding the Space. You will learn that how you talk to yourself either escalates anxiety and depression, or de-escalates them. You will stop beating yourself up and finally be able to stop judging yourself. This brings back some of that patience and connection you’ve been missing in your motherhood lately.

A Balanced Imagination. You will learn that anxiety, though it is felt in the body, starts in the imagination. From this you will practice using your imagination to imagine good and safe scenarios, not just the scary, worst-case ones. This will decrease anxiety and allow you to be present with your kids again.


Calm your Life

Receive Healing. When you have slowed down and connected to your body, you will become a person who knows how to heal herself. You will not have to work hard to get through anxiety and depression again because you’ll know how to handle them, and because you’ll know how to avoid creating them. Your physical health will improve, you may naturally lose weight and you will take better care of yourself.

Resilient Forever. You will set healthy boundaries of self care, say no more often to others and live more authentically. This will take your anxiety levels down to maintenance mode, and depression will be non-existent. You’ll get more done, you’ll be creative, playful and fun with your kids and have more physical energy. You’ll manage your emotional energy regularly and not allow buildup. You’ll be able to teach this to your family.

You’re a good candidate for this process if:

  • You don’t just want a ‘feel better’ solution but long-term healing
  • You think stuff from your past that could be part of why things aren’t going well postpartum
  • You are anxious more often than you’d like to be and it’s affecting your motherhood
  • You are depressive or anxious but hopeful
  • You’ve experienced birth trauma on one or multiple occasions and feel that you may not have fully processed that
  • You see the trajectory you’re on and you don’t want to stay on it