Depression Culture



Last week we talked about trauma culture. This week, we’re talking Depression.

Postpartum, it hits people that typically haven’t struggled with depression before. Today I want you to leave feeling empowered. Healing is possible from postpartum depression, if you want it to be. If you want that as well, this is the episode for you. I touch on the two sides of depression culture, the difference between therapy and coaching, and what creates depression and how you can “get out of it”.
Show Notes

There is room for both sides of Depression Culture (dismissive/denial vs harmful validation). Many women come to me after therapy, where they’ve validated themselves and are ready for more. More tools to help you “get out of” depression. That’s when you know you’re ready for coaching.

In this episode:

-Both extremes of Depression Culture 

-What it looks like to be protective of depression

-A bit on therapy vs coaching

-Thoughts and feelings to move forward from depression

-Hope for brighter days ahead

I will never stop sharing that there’s hope for you amidst depressiveness.

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