What My Clients Have to Say…

Before coaching with Lizzie my days were filled with physical pain doctors could not figure out, my body felt heavy, sleep was difficult, anger & rage filled my mind and body and I was lashing out at my family for everything from dropping their socks on the floor to not feeling loved.

It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t stop despite spending time with other life coaches, trying to find a post-partum depression specialist and having a faith in Jesus Christ. I prayed, cried and longed for healing and I didn’t know if that would happen for me while on earth.

I found Lizzie listening to one of her podcasts and instantly knew she could help me. I believe God was leading me to her the whole time while I did not know that. Our first consult was hard and I wasn’t sure I could tell my story of my near-miss delivering my daughter 14 months before. The fact that I was alive was a miracle – 13 transfusions of blood and ICU stay immediately after her delivery. The details were hard, raw and no one other then Lizzie were able to hear my story without cringing, crying or know how to respond. I was angry at the doctors, my husband and myself for what happened. The trauma had over taken every part of my life and post-partum depression has been part of my story since my first child. The trauma was an extra layer of anguish on top of normal post-partum depression and losing a child to miscarriage.

What has unfolded in my time with Lizzie has been beautiful, it has been God given and a miracle. Every session left me stronger, more healed and a desire to keep digging into my birth trauma. I now can share my story with strength in hopes of helping other women with birth trauma. I was able to stop physical pain in my pelvic area from healing emotional wounds. I calmed my anxiety and depression that caused rage to my husband and children. I am no longer angry at the doctors, my husband or myself for the trauma. I am able to host baby showers and hear other trauma stories without causing emotional distress for me. I am sleeping better. I have a closer walk with God and a understanding of the beauty through my post-partum depression and birth trauma. I am healing wounds that have lingered in my body for decades causing anxiety and depression. I am braver. I am more confident. I finally love motherhood.


I found Lizzie’s when I was 18 months postpartum with my first (and only) baby.

By that time I had quit my full-time job to care for my daughter, and was suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia, crippling anxiety, somewhat regular panic attacks, and a marriage that was falling apart. Worse still, I struggled to find the support I so desperately needed, having been turned away by postpartum specialists because more than a year had passed since the birth of my daughter. I felt alone, hopeless, and frankly scared.

Then, by some miracle, I found Lizzie’s podcast. She so accurately described how my patterns of people-pleasing led to dismiss my own desires in favor of others’, to remain silent when my boundaries were violated, and to feel resentful of those who claimed they were there to help me. I was engrossed in each episode, soaking up each concept and finding comfort in Lizzie’s soothing voice and compassionate delivery. And – I started feeling a little less jittery. I started to have hope. I picked up the phone for a consultation.

In that first discussion, Lizzie picked up on my hesitation on making such a large investment in myself and helped me to connect my wellbeing to that of my family. With each session, I felt more comfort, more relief, and more release. I let go of the idea that others had to change – to respect my boundaries – to honor my wishes as a parent – for me to feel better. I learned how to take responsibility for what I could control, to let go of those expectations, and to honor my own boundaries. I cannot say its been easy – but so, so worth it.

This work saved my marriage, my sanity, and I truly believe, my life. I’m so grateful each day to have grown more present and playful in my motherhood and my marriage, to make it through the day without reliance on caffeine and sugar to pull me through, and to sleep more peacefully at night. As mothers, we want the best for our children, and that means showing up as the best version of ourselves. If motherhood is having you feel disconnected or out of sorts – I urge you to call Lizzie. She’ll help you find your way.


I recently had a friend ask me about my postpartum coaching. She wants to be life coach and wanted to know how its been helpful in my life.

I told her, at the bare minimum, it gave me hope. Hope for better days, hope for the mom I wanted to be.

Before coaching, I was in the depths of my motherhood, drowning. Sometimes it literally felt like I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. My husband would have to take off work to stay home and take care of me and the kids. I would day dream about leaving my family. I had it planned out. Leave the kids at the neighbors after my husband went to work, then head to the coast, drive til dawn. The worst is the guilt I felt, that I was ruining my kids. The shame that I’m yelling at a toddler and the shame of having kids but not feeling motherly.

My OB recommend that I go to a mental facility to work on my postpartum depression…the facility is 3 and a half hours away from where I live. I felt stuck. I vented to a friend about my situation and that’s when she introduced me to Liz Langston via Instagram. I watched some videos and followed her page for awhile. Intrigued but skeptical. After hearing her message, and the trials Liz faced during her own battle with PPD, I finally decided to book a consult.

And it has changed my life.

The work is about changing your thoughts and feeling your emotions. The work is uncomfortable because IT IS CHANGING YOU. But the first time I saw a little blip of the person I wanted to be, that’s what sparked hope. Something that I hadn’t felt in YEARS after becoming a mom. I got these little blips here and there, and they slowly accumulated. And for me, after so long of accumulating, change started to happen.

Its been challenging and there have been A LOT OF TEARS but I can now bare to be touched by my toddler. I can bare to play with my kids. I can FEEL JOY when my kids are playing together. I can go to bed at a decent time instead of feeling like I have to escape and binge watch Netflix until 1 in the morning. I can wake up early, before the kids are up. I can get myself showered and even put make up on if I so choose. I can ask for help. My husband hasn’t had to worry about leaving me with kids. More recently, I feel fun and feel like being silly. I’ve offered to watch my nieces and nephews. I can cook, clean, and do laundry. I can feed myself a decently balanced diet. I can ENJOY my spouse instead of having to rely on him 100%. I can answer text messages and phone calls. I make plans with FRIENDS.

Sometimes I have to look at the progress I’ve made and ask myself, “who even is this person? She’s so functional!” And guys, it me! It’s really me! The person making dinner is me, the person waking up and taking care of her kids is me. That bad ass mom thinking better, more helpful thoughts, allowing space for her emotions, is me. Check me out! I’m doing it!

I was on the fence about getting coaching. I’m here today, climbing my way out of a PPD black hole and beginning to thrive in my motherhood. I will never be on the fence when it comes to my mental health again.


I am a 30-year-old, first-time mom. I reached out to Lizzie when my three-month maternity leave was coming to an end.

I had doubts that I could still work, be a mom, a wife, and some semblance of who I was before. It was all so overwhelming. I felt I had to do it all, even when my body and my brain were telling me I needed a break.

My body was speaking to me, but I just wasn’t listening. I’ve now been back at work for almost nine months and the transition has been so much smoother than if I were to try to do this on my own. My techniques weren’t working, but the coaching I received from Lizzie helped me tackle each day as I overcame preconceived notions of what a ‘mother’ was supposed to be.

In these past several months, I’ve become a more emotionally available mother and wife, decreased my anxiety, and have even been promoted! If you think you have to do it all, or if the mountain looks too tall, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Lizzie for support.


I found Lizzie when I was two months postpartum with my second baby.

During that time I felt the weight of responsibility of not just one, but now two small humans to help guide throughout life.

I wanted to give them the best gift I could think of: good mental health and resiliency. But I knew I couldn’t teach something that I hadn’t mastered. I knew Lizzie was the one who could help after our first consultation.

During our sessions she not only helped me learn tools for resiliency but she helped me think about things in my past in a more productive way.

She helped me navigate struggles I was having such as sleep deprivation, buffers, relationships, my motherhood, money, going back to my full time job, and last but not least: postpartum depression.

I learned tools that continue to benefit my life! The money I spent on coaching with Lizzie was the best money I’ve EVER spent on myself. Thank you Lizzie!


What is different in my life after working with Liz? EVERYTHING!

Learning to manage my mind and feel my emotions touches every part of my life. It transformed me from the inside out. It uncovered the real me. The woman that has been fighting for years to get out from underneath my negative thought loops.

Liz showed me there’s room for all the emotions but that I’m never just at the mercy of them. Fear is no longer my brain’s favorite emotion.She showed me how to make room for my needs and emotions instead of trying to ignore them or chase them away.

Liz offered me a way out of my life of pretending and opened up the door to vulnerability and true connection. She helped me feel true compassion for myself and others.

Liz was a safe place. Someone who I could word-vomit all over without worrying about saying the wrong thing or looking crazy. The amazing thing is she was able to make some sense of all of it. She looked at the big picture and showed me the way out of the hole I had dug for myself. I was finally able to let go of the years of black and white thinking and start to replace it with curiosity.

The tone in my home is peaceful, most of the time, amidst all of life’s ups and downs. The trials don’t go away but the suffering that goes along with them can when prayers are paired with thought work. She’s taught me to let go of the things that I can’t control and allow Christ to take His proper place.

Lizzie I am forever grateful for your inspired guidance and support. My life, the life of my husband and the life of my sweet babies will NEVER be the same! Here’s to raising the next generation with this knowledge!


I’d battled with anxiety my whole life, but 5 days after having my third child I had a breakdown that landed me in the hospital.

Months later I was still struggling, and after a desperate plea in a Facebook group someone recommended Lizzie… and that was the answer to my prayers. The work with I’ve done with Lizzie has been transformational. Make no mistake, you need to put in the work and apply the tools she gives you. But if you’re coachable and really analyze your thoughts and connect with your body at a whole new level (while giving yourself A LOT of grace in the process) your life will never be the same- in the best way possible.


I’m a mom to 4, and in April we moved across the country away from family and friends (my youngest was 6mo).

After having postpartum depression twice, I was worried I’d run into it again. A couple weeks into the move, I knew that if I didn’t get help I was not going to be okay. I could feel myself slipping down into that pit.

Enter: Lizzie. I love working with Lizzie because she’s so real, and she gets it. Yes you can create all the positive results you want, but stuff still comes up and she’s here for all of it.

Never in my life have I stuck up for, trusted, or fully valued myself until I found coaching. It has allowed me to observe my own mind. To own my power to create the life I want. To be the mom, wife, friend I want to be without shame. Coaching has opened up a world of possibility for me! Investing in myself is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


This isn’t my first experience with postpartum depression.

I have five kids but the last two, twins, really threw me for a loop. I tried a year of therapy, plus nine months of group therapy, medication, energy work, and body work to relieve the pain and trauma I had experienced. When I saw ads for coaching, I was skeptical. Would anything really change? But I listened to a coaching call with Lizzie and thought maybe it was worth a shot.

And then I got distracted, discouraged, and moved on with life. One day my husband asked me how much longer things would be this way: him doing most of the childcare, plus working full time, while I laid around and felt sorry for myself. The yelling and constant frustration with everyone around me was hurting all of us. I blamed myself…. and then I prayed. I knew I needed to book a consult with Lizzie.

At this point I felt like there was nothing to lose. Lizzie listened without judgment and told me that if I was willing to try, there was a possibility of freedom, inner peace, and healthier relationships. Of course I wanted it! Who wouldn’t? Coaching has given me tools to move forward instead of being stuck with my thoughts and emotions. I have pushed myself in these past three months and have been able to heal relationships through clear boundaries and communication.

Realizing that self-love and compassion come first has really benefitted me on my journey to a more joyful motherhood. I wish I had found Lizzie sooner, and I am so grateful I have been able to work with her and learn so much about myself. This work really is amazing and I am eager to see how the tools I am learning will continue to strengthen me and my family in the future.